Shades of Color Hair and Nail Salon pt.2

So once the main building sign for the Salon was made and hung, we moved on to the road signs, and which are backlit acrylic.

Now- here is where we do things different. We could have done the standard vinyl laminated to acrylic- and that would have been fine- but we wanted to do something a bit different and something that will last almost indefinitely. This is something that is unique to us (currently) to the best of my knowledge:

We machine pockets directly into the surface of sign grade cast acrylic, and then flood those pockets with a special paint that bonds to the acrylic. There is a few hours cure time, and then POOF- a sign almost as resilient as the King Star Board substrate signs, but which can be backlit!

And- the process is cheaper than laminating vinyl to acrylic!

These are “do-able” when the colors are limited- likely no more than three. They also work best with lots of neutral (white) space surrounding the graphics.