Swan View Medical Supply

This is another acrylic job. We ‘could’ do like everyone else and laminate vinyl over acrylic, and though that is an option and sometimes the best option, it isn’t the only option.

This is machine pocketed acrylic- which is to say the lettering and graphics is cut into the material to a depth of 1/16 inch, and then flooded with a type of paint which bonds to the acrylic. It isn’t coming off.

The nice thing about doing a sign in this manner is the expectations of life- it will literally outlive the best vinyl lamination made and by a wide margin. It’s true that details and intricate design is limited with this method, but these guys will look great for years and years to come. When the vinyl finally fails at around year four, all these guys will need is just a spray from the hose to keep right on going right up to ten years.